Building the next generation of medical imaging analysis tools.

Motilent is a medical imaging technology company that aims to make some of the latest and most exciting image analysis technologies available to the researchers who can use them to make the important scientific advances required to advance our understanding of gastrointestinal disease.

Motilent has undertaken significant work in the research community, developing a cutting edge solution to visualising imaging data. They engaged Mindfury to productise this solution.


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Breakthrough visual analysis of MRI imaging data

Motilent have developed proprietary algorithms and techniques to perform analysis of MRI data. So little is still known GI tract however, through engaging and supporting the academic community Motilent plan to catalyse the breakthrough of new technology to address a poorly served area of healthcare.

We partner with Motilent to create a scalable solution to allow researchers and ultimately all areas of healthcare, to use their cutting edge algorithms in the simplest way possible.

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