Providing data insight and analytics for shopper media.

Lobster is a specialist consultancy / agency aimed at consumer brands who are listed and sold in the UK’s major multiple supermarkets. They help marketers to transform their organisations’ shopper marketing capability.


  • Architecture
  • Technology
  • Consultancy
  • Training

The Challenge

Lobster need to aggregate raw data from a large number of historical shopper media campaigns in order to present  ROI trends by channel, by location and by retailer. These trends help retailers understand the effects of shopper marketing for their current and future campaigns.

A scalable modern big-data architecture

We developed a highly available and efficient API to prepare for the large numbers of complex calculations and aggregations which would be needed. The information presented to the users is the tip of the iceberg on the large datasets which drive the application.

Introducing PlanVault

Put the most powerful shopper media insights onto your desktop.

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