We have been designing, architecting & implementing bespoke solutions and strategies for over 20 years. We have worked with some of the biggest businesses and organisations in the UK but our ethos remains the same no matter how big (or small) you are.

We are a melting pot of Software Engineers, Data Scientists & AI Experts, Social Media Associates, Project Managers and Strategists who’s sole purpose is to help you realise your digital ambitions. We live and breathe all things digital.


Kayleigh McHale

Meet Kayleigh

Kayleigh is the Director at Mindfury. She looks after our customers, our culture, our growth and our vision – ensuring we give back to the communities we operate in. A vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

When she’s not in the office – you might find her in the kitchen (at parties), on her yoga mat, or planning the next travel adventure with her daughter.


Meet Emily

Emily is Head of delivery at Mindfury. She ensures all our projects run smoothly from start to finish.

When not writing contracts or creating excel spreadsheets, out of office hours, Emily is a keen dressmaker, crime fiction lover and Netflix watcher.

Nick Davies

Meet Nick

Nick is the CTO and Architect at Mindfury. He manages everything technical and is a stickler for code quality and standards across the development teams.

When not staring at a computer screen he can be found on stage playing bass or facing down a climb out in the wilderness somewhere.

Rachel Bean

Meet Rach

Rach is the HR Manager at Mindfury. She manages anything and everything HR related (including our Christmas party!)

In a former life she is a fully qualified outdoor instructor – never happier than dangling on the end of a rope or paddling a grade 4 rapid, with laptop in hand, dealing with annual leave requests.