GDPR Compliance & Big-data analysis for large companies.

AiM Ltd is a UK based international business to business service provider that focuses on all aspects of change management by providing a fusion of business services and technology solutions. We worked with them to expand their client toolset.


  • Architecture
  • Technology
  • Consultancy
  • Training + Mentoring

The Challenge

Today’s companies have vast amounts of data stored in separate systems and services such as hard-drives, file systems, email, documents and databases. Understanding and cleansing this data is a massive challenge for companies of all sizes.

We worked with AIM to develop a system which simplified this process. Machine learning and AI models expand the reach of DataBelt to ensure clean and compliant data across a companies entire infrastructure.

Machine learning + Efficient Data Processing

The challenges were apparent from the outset. How do you take Terabytes of data across multiple services and find the proverbial needle in the haystack? Once you’ve located that data how to you ensure it’s consistent and accurate?

We worked alongside AIM’s development team to architect and develop a system which could extract and transform 10TB of data in less than 2 minutes. Providing insights and control to a companies Information Systems teams. Ensuring data accuracy within an organisation and enabling tools for GDPR compliance.

Databelt – data compliance and cleansing.

More Work

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